My Current Bookshelf

The other day, my friend Marianne commented about wanting to see my bookshelf. I have thought about posting pictures of my shelf in the past, but I never got around to it. Until now. Since I purchased a book today, I thought ‘Why not? It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase all of my books’. And so here it is. Also, thanks Marianne for bringing the idea back into my mind. Here it is!

(Click on the photos to see the full sized image)

The first photo is an overview of my main shelf that holds most of my books. The bottom shelf is a little bit messy, but I’ll have to deal with it for now because of the space issues. I HAVE NO SPACE!

The second picture is the very top of my bookshelf; this is the place that holds my belongings and other trash. Most of my Funko Pops are from shows, movies and characters that I like. I usually display my Star Wars pops, Bob’s Burgers pops, and Game of Thrones pop, out of their boxes. Also on the top of the shelf  are a few things that I made myself: a crocheted BB-8 and Groot doll, a chalkboard, and a chalk cloth that wipes the board clean (honestly, it was supposed to be a scarf, but I got lazy and ended it shorter than expected). I also have a patch I’ve been meaning to iron onto my shirt, and a few polaroid pictures from friends and family.

Moving onto the third picture, this is where my books chill out. The first row is all hardcovers I want to display on top. It contains half of my contemporary books, favourite reads, and many books with sequels that I haven’t purchased yet. There really isn’t a distinct way that I organize my shelves, so this is what I came up with. The second shelf is where I put the other half of my contemporaries and book series that are longer than 3 books. The Heroes of Olympus series had a spot this middle shelf, but I liked the look of it on top because of how gorgeous it is. I mean LOOK AT IT ALTOGETHER. WOW.

The fourth picture is where I put my dystopians, paperback books, and weird sized books. As you can see, I only own 5/7 of the Harry Potter books and one of them is hardcover while the rest are paperback. The Miss Peregrine’s series is all hardcover, but it is the same size as the paperbacks on my shelf. It is really weird; the irregularity irks me (out of sight, out of mind). I need to organize this mess pile someday.

The fifth and final photo is from my secondary bookshelf that serves as an overflow shelf/holds my books that I bought from booksales. It also holds my yearbooks, dvds, and old papers from past school years. There is honestly a whole row that I could empty and fit more books into it, but it seriously is just too messy.

This concludes my mini shelf tour. I hope you enjoyed it!

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.