Book Event + Signing: The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E Pearson

Hello hello hello,

I attended my first book signing just a few days ago! I’m sorry if I skip out on details. I didn’t exactly write everything that went down; most of this post is going based off of my memory. On September 9th, my local bookstore hosted an event for the final book in the Remnant Chronicles, Beauty of Darkness. Mary E Pearson was brought in to talk about her newest release and the series as a whole. A lot of the topics that were discussed were about what it means to be a strong female (character and I guess person as well) and how you have to make your own choices to live out your life; both topics were greatly insightful. After she vaguely summarized what each book was about, the floor was open for a Q&A period.

It started off with an awkward silence. When Mary asked if anyone had any questions, the entire event was quiet for a good 10 seconds before anyone asked anything. We only had the chance to ask about 5-7 questions because her answers were super in-depth and we were running out of time. I remember one of the questions that was asked that interested me; one of the attendees wanted to know (something along the lines of) if Mary intended there to be a love triangle in the first book. What intrigued me the most was her answer. She said that she doesn’t see it as a love triangle, but more of a love complication. And then Mary asked the crowd if we’ve been in a love triangle before but most of us shook our heads no. It was something I never really thought about. Usually when you crush on other people, their feelings are either mutual or they’re not. It works both ways as well. When a person has a crush on us, we can either return those feelings, or we don’t. This is the case with the characters in the Remnant Chronicles; Lia and one of the guys are mutual with each other, while the other guy has more of a one sided love with her. Seeing it in this new light made me change my point of view about the character dynamics. Not a triangle, but a complication.

I also asked a question. “Out of the three books, which one did you enjoy writing the most?”. Mary went on about how she would speak to Robin LaFevers (the author of the His Fair Assassin series) between book writing about the level of difficulty each book would be to write. Long story short, the book she enjoyed writing the most was The Beauty of Darkness. There were also questions about her favourite scenes that she wrote, small things she regrets writing/things she would take back, and the involvement of her secondary characters. After the Q&A section was over, there was a little trivia section that people would answer to win prizes. The final section to wrap the even up was the book signing portion. It went buy very smoothly and quickly. I was one of the last few attendees to receive a signed poster. Mary thanked me for asking her my question and we talked a little bit about the series. She is so nice! I picked up some bookmarks and other swag on my way out and left very happily.



Here are some pictures from today (click to enlarge them and to see the captions):


All in all, I would say that I had a great first experience with this event. I hope that I can attend more events like this in the future so that I can post about them more often. As always, I’ll see you soon in the next post.


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