Book Review: Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes


Title: Rebel Spring (Book #2 in the Falling Kingdoms series)

Author: Morgan Rhodes

My Rating: 4.5 stars

Synopsis: (Since this book is a sequel, this will contain spoilers to those who haven’t read the first book yet). This story follows the aftermath of the siege erupted onto the southern kingdom of Auranos. With Auranos defeated, Cleo is dethroned and King Gaius unites the three kingdoms altogether as Mytica once again. Magic remains as the huge motivator to all of the characters in this world. For Cleo, she seeks the power of magic to reclaim her throne. With the power in the rebel leader Jonas’s hands, he could free the people of his nation from tyranny. Lucia yearns for the power to fulfil her prophecy. But with the power in Magnus’s hands, he can finally prove his worth to his ruthless savage of a father, King Gaius. The construction of the King’s road into the Forbidden Mountains sparks intrigue, and a great deal of emotions towards the people of the kingdoms, the rebels, and even the Watchers of the realm.  There are consequences around every turn, for “the road to power…is paved with blood and magic.”

My thoughts: Wow, okay, alright. I was completely blown away with this book. I went in with lowered expectations because of my slight disappointment toward the first book and I was wonderfully surprised. I found my self caring for most of the characters this time around and was truly worried for their safety in times of trouble. The writing captured my attention far more than the previous one. I seriously have nothing but great things to say about this novel. It was like a 87% in my book. I think that I had a couple of problems with the book but other than that, It was quite enjoyable. 

Cleo is still my number one baby for sure; I’m rooting for her 100% of the way. She weaves around her words while telling people exactly what they want to hear and knowing when to say it. She has become such an amazing manipulator while trying to survive in a castle surrounded by people who mutually hate her. I just hope that she makes it to the end. With Jonas’s story arc, he is FINALLY getting stuff done. Granted, they’re not the best decisions that were made, but he still contributed to rebel cause. Magnus has started to grow on me. He starts thinking of others rather than himself in this book and I think that his character development is making great progress. He is also sassy I love it. His one liners towards Cleo and other characters make me laugh so hard. With Lucia’s storyline, I swear, she spent like half of the book asleep from the events that took place in the previous book. I don’t even know why, but I just can’t connect to Lucia as well as I can with the other characters in the book. She still remains as my least fave out of the four. We are also introduced to some new characters like Lysandra, Prince Ashur, and some new perspectives are brought into the story. The story dives deeper into the Watcher world and find out some more information  about the elders and other Watchers. This whole business with the Kindred is some shifty business. All in all, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the book. The plot was fast paced and I couldn’t stop myself from reading.  I need Gathering Darkness as soon as possible!

And for the two problems that I sort of had trouble with kind of involves spoilers so this is the spoiler-ish section. This portion will also discuss some other spoiler-y things so yeah.


The first “problem” for me was once again the insta-love type of connection between Lucia and Alexius. Although their first interaction through Lucia’s dream was rocky, after like 4 times of meeting with each other, she is already in love with Alexius. She went from “who are you don’t come near me” to “oh my goodness I think I love him” in that short amount of time. Maybe they just got closer faster than everybody else and fell for each other, BUT because I didn’t get to read about it and experience their relationship, it felt unbelievable. Kind of like how I felt towards Cleo and Theon in the first book.

The second “problem” moment was how quickly Phaedra died. I seriously felt like she was there to bring Jonas back to life and then killed off right after she did it. Maybe it was just to add another death or something but I wasn’t a big fan of it.

This wasn’t a problem, but Mira’s death made me sooooo sad. I thought that she was safe at first because Magnus kind of defended her by saying that she was too for to eavesdrop BUT THEN THE KING DOES AWAY WITH HER ANYWAY. Oh goodness that made me so sad. I think the death that crushed me the most was Brion’s. I had to set aside the book for a couple of minutes. I wanted nothing more than to drown Aron in that moment. I was seriously tearing up for Brion. The happy-go-lucky friend making all of the situations light. He was always there for Jonas, calming him down when Jonas needs it most. He was also very funny. Fictional deaths always make me sad.

But a few things that didn’t make me sad were the kisses between Cleo and Jonas, and Cleo and Magnus. HELLO THERE. Although Jonas and Cleo together are nice, I think Cleo and Magnus are where it’s at. I am aboard this ship getting ready for it to sail. I think that this is all for the spoiler-ish section.

***Spoiler-ish Section over***

The next review for Gathering Darkness will be up soon! Thanks for taking the time to read this review of mine.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

  1. aentee @ read at midnight says:

    I actually really loved Falling Kingdoms, I need to get onto reading Rebel Spring ASAP now that I’ve read how amazing it is through your review 😀

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